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Our company is located in Thailand and The Netherlands.



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Beauty and Massage treatments

In 2007, "Bua Sawan - Beauty & Massage" was establised in Thailand (Ban Klaeng). The second branch "Bua Sawan - Traditional Thai Massage" was established in 2019, based in The Netherlands (Hendrik Ido Ambacht). Both branches uses the highest treatment standards. Quality, services and cleanliness are keys of our successes. Our treatments will match your desires with a 100% satisfaction. Futhermore, our friendly staff is certified and trained on regular basis.

Bua Sawan is based in Thailand and in The Netherlands. Both locations offer several famous treatments, such as Traditional Thai massge, Herbal Oil massage and Foot reflexive massage. Also, we offer facial treatments.

In our blogs, you can read more (background) information about Beauty and Massage treatments.


Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage

With a Thai massage, cramped muscles are supple again. In addition, the blook circulation should be stimulated. Also, the immune system should be improved. Furthermore, it is effective against pain such as neck, back and headache.


Herbal Oil Massage

Aromatic oils are the basis of this type of massage. Our high quality oils clean the skin and removed body impurities. Also, it helps against beging overweight. A softens and smoothens skin will keep you young.

Facial treatments

Facial Treatments

A facial treatment ensures that the skin is deeply cleansed to remove all impurities. Impurities are able to clog the skin pores, so active substance of care products cannot absorbed throught the skin. Futhermore, a facial treatment provides a moment of relaxing, escape from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Foot massage

Foot Massage

All the day, you feet have much to endure. With a foot massage, the feet remain in a good condition. Also, it relaxed body and mind. This has a positive effect on your sleep. Due the reduced production of hormone Cortisol, the stress should be decrease.

Cafe Lounge Bar: Kafae – Coffee and Food

Fresh handmade coffee


At the location in Thailand, we have a Kafae lounge bare. It is a trendy and cozy coffee bar, with fresh homemade coffee, such as espresso or cappuccino. also, we serve snacks, beer, Irish coffee and various wines.

The lounge bar has a satellite TV with a large flat screen for all you sport broadcasts. In addition, you can use free WIFI for all your social media activities.

We are open from 9.00 AM until late (daily).

Follow this link to read more about Spa Kafae