Bua Sawan policy

Bua Sawan - Beauty & Massage is a professional family company. To provide our treatments with the highest level and highest quality, we apply our Bua Sawan policy as below:


We are not responsible for damage and/or injury resulting from the concealment of medical information such as physical and/or mental disorders, pregnancy, injuries and medication. Furthermore, we are not responsible for your lost or misplaced items.

If you arrive late, this time will be expense of your own treatment time.

Cancellation and/or adjustments of your appointment is free, but we will be appreciated that you submit your adjustments at least 24 hours before your origin appointment.

Purchased gift vouchers (coupons cards) are not redeemable for (cash) money.

We reserve the right to refuse clients if they are under influence of mind expanding drugs, alcohol or otherwise give rise to a contra indication, such as unacceptable behavior.

We do not offer any kind of erotic massages. If clients request a tinted erotic treatment, they are not welcome in the spa anymore.

For the full attention, we ask you to switch your mobile phone to silent mode or switch off.

Smoking and alcohol consumption is not allowed.

It is forbidden to enter the building with shoes.

In case of theft, unacceptable behavior, like aggression or violence, the police will always be reported.