The world class awards 2020 of health and beauty master

In the Netherlands (2005-2006), Khae successfully passed her ‘Beauty Specialist’ study at IMKO institute in Rotterdam. Finally, she obtained her professional certificate ‘Beauty care’ in 2006.

After her study, Khae worked in the Netherlands as a beautician at ‘Lotte Esthetique’ (Rotterdam). In 2007, she returned to Thailand. In Rayong, she founded “Bua Sawan – Beauty and massage” with her husband. Currently, she has been working as an experienced general manager and beautician.

During 2008 and 2016, Khae successfully completed several massage courses at ‘Watpo Traditional medical school’ in Bangkok and at ‘Thai Spa Burapa School’.

In the next years, Khae also want to share her professional knowledge as a teacher. In collaboration with K-beauty, she has successfully completed the course ‘International health & beauty master’ in Bangkok. K-beauty is well known South Korean academy for specialized beauty care courses.

At 29 November 2020, the event “The world class awards 2020 of health and beauty master”, was at Vayupak convention hall government complex in Bangkok. This graduation ceremony was a very beautiful event.

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  1. Absolutely the best massage and face treatments I ever been doing. The ennviroments are also in absolute the best conditions. The beds for treatments are also well done for the best relaxing movements and comfort. Everything done for the customers best!

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