Massage helps against migraine and headache

What is migraine?

Migraine is a brain disorder and gives a throbbing headache regularly. Often, it should be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, hypersensitivity to light and sound and / or deficiency symptoms (aura). A lot of migraine sufferers get headaches on one side of their head. Furthermore, sufferers can observe a migraine attack in advance. Sufferers see light flashes and wavy images are observed. An announcement takes a few minutes to 1 hour. The headache attacks take at least a few hours to 4 days

There are various types of migraines, such as the ‘normal’ migraine. Patients suffer from heavy headache attacks. Another form is the menstrual hormonal migraine. This migraine form occurs during menstruation of women. The frequency, duration and severity of the migraine is different for each patient.



A (poor)nutrition, insufficient sleep and menstruation are the main causes of migraine. Also, stress and tension can trigger migraine and headache. By this way, there is a link between stress / tension and migraine. In addition, migraines can also provoke stress and tension again, which will strengthen the migraine. A downward spiral is created. Finally, due to the stress and strain, the migraine attack will be harder to bear.



Fortunately, new medicines are being developed to prevent migraine as much as possible. On the website of Health Line  you can read information about the latest developments of medicines for migraine. In addition to medication, a SPA massage can also help to reduce the frequency, duration and severity of migraine. Massage reduces stress and tensions. Stress and tensions are able to trigger migraine attacks. Furthermore, the massage reduces your headache. With a massage treatment there are produced more hormones (Serotonin), which relieves pain, stress and tensions.

A mild form of migraine, but also just a headache, can often be remedied by a facial massage in combination with a neck and shoulder massage. In addition, your skin should be treated intensively and deeply cleansed. Moreover, the blood flow will be greatly improved

In short: In a relaxing way you can be treated for your headache and / or migraine. For more information, our general manager, Khae Vongsom, will be appreciated to explain the options for your migraine and headache problems.

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