Minimize your jetlag

A jetlag occurs by passing of many time zones in short time. The rhythm of your brains is out of balance, so the biological clock should be confused.

By this disruptions, for the first days many people suffer from fatique, (temporary) memory problems, headache, disgestive upsets and swellings.

At long flights from Europe to Asia, time goes 6 until 8 hours ahead, so it is possible you will miss one night. For example your depart at daytime. After the flight you arrive the next morning (local time).

In order to minimize your jetlags, recent studies have proven that massages with essential oils, like lavendel, should improve bloodcirculation and stimulate well-being. Furthermore, the biological clock is able to adjust at a natural way.

For footswellings or tired legs, a leg- and footmassage helps you to reduce fluid retention in your feet. Also, a Neck head and shoulder massage can reduce headaches and memory problems.

To avoid long jetlags, Bua Sawan offers a package of ‘anti-jetlag-massage’ like:
– Oil massage
– Foot massage
– Neck Head and Shoulder massage

For a massage treatment upon your arrival in Thailand, you can make a reservation by an online booking at our website. We will confirm your request and welcome you in our spa.

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