Office Syndrome

Office-syndrome during work

Every day many office employees work in the same position for many hours in front of their computer screens. This looks like as an unhealthy manner of working. For the mid- or long-term it can lead to serious problems for your spine and arm- and shoulders muscles.


What is Office Syndrome?

This syndrome is pain in your spine and muscles caused by sitting in a same position without sufficient movements. In the begin phase it seems as an ordinary pain, but it can result in a chronic and hard pain. In a later phase it is possible your ability to function or move can be affected.


How do you recognize an office syndrome?

In the initial phase the symptoms are not so dramatical, but if you don’t treat them, it can be serious. For example you are not able to turn your head anymore. The most important symptoms are:

  • Head-, Neck- and shoulder muscle ache
  • Soreness around your eyes
  • Dizziness


What are the main causes of Office syndrome?

The most important cause is sitting in a same position for a long time. Some of other causes of Office Syndrome are:

  • Sitting with your crossed legs for a long time.
  • Sitting on the edge of your seat
  • Sitting or standing with your folded arms
  • Carrying your bag on one shoulder
  • Sleeping curled up on your side


How to prevent and treat Office Syndrome?

The best way is to prevent Office Syndrome by your own behavior. It is important to change your working position every twenty or thirty minutes. Another advice is to stretch your arms, hands, wrists and legs regular.

If you have recognized some Office Syndrome symptoms, ‘Bua Sawan – Beauty & Spa’ can give advice, like a Head Neck and Shoulder treatment. Also, a herbal massage can relieve the pain. If the Office Syndrome is advanced already, more Spa treatments should be necessary.


For more information, please contact Khae Vongsom.

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