Located in Thailand, Rayong province, Ban Klaeng near Ban Phe

Traditional Thai Beauty and massage

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a wonderful massage or facial treatment at Bua Sawan - Beauty and Massage. Bua Sawan was established in Ban Klaeng in 2007. We are a family business, where the highest quality, service, and cleanliness are our standard. Moreover, our friendly and professional staff is here to serve you and uphold our 100% satisfaction. Also, we provide information about the treatments we offer and match these with your desires.

Khae and Note
Khae and Note

We look forward to welcoming you to Bua Sawan
Khae and Note Vongsom

Our Massage treatments ensure complete relaxation

Our busy lifestyle is one of the causes of daily stress. The human body responds to stress. This result in headaches and muscle aches. Prolonged stress can even lead to reduced health resistance, bowel and stomach complaints. Thai massages are well known for relieving daily stress, muscle aches, and headaches. Besides, the massage gives a boost to the blood circulation. It is the ultimate remedy for inducing relaxation and reducing mental stress. We train our certified masseuses on a regular basis. So, you are sure of the highest quality and the latest treatment methods.

Start feeling more relaxed

Together with you, we determine what the most effective treatment is. After only one treatment the stress is reduced . You will be absolutely relaxed and calm state of mind.

We're always happy to hear from you! To book a massage, please call us or fill in the form at the contact page.


Thai massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage reduces physical and psychological symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle and headaches. Besides, it stimulates the blood circulation and the lymph system, which gives positive energy.

Oil massage

Herbal Oil Massage

Warm aromatic herbal oils are used, which energy blockades should be removed. It is suitable, against stress, insomnia, rheumatism and muscle pain. Moreover, an oil massage promotes the removement of waste products.

Facial treatments

Facial Treatments

Proper skin care is important because our skin is the largest protection against infection that we have. With these treatments the skin pores will be cleaned deeply. So, the moisture in the skin should be recovered.

Foot massage

Foot Massage

The feet reflect your body. Energy flows connect every organ and body parts to a specific reflex zone of your foot. Blockages should be disappear by massage and pressure on the reflex zones. Furthermore foot reflexology improves a better balance between body and mind.

Cafe Lounge Bar: Kafae – Coffee and Food

Cafe Lounge bar
Cafe Lounge bar

We also welcome you to our café lounge bar at our resort. Kafae - Coffee and Food is a cozy lounge bar where you can relax after your Thai massage. Enjoy freshly ground coffee with homemade cake. Besides, we serve various snacks, beers and wines and Irish Coffee.

The lounge bar has satellite TV, a big TV screen. So, you do not miss any sports broadcast. More over, we offer free WIFI to check your email or social media.

The lounge bar is free to enter for all people. Of course you are not charged admission simply to enter the bar. The bar is open from 9 am until 12 pm. So, enjoy your food and drinks, check your email, and watch your favourite sports on TV at Kafae lounge bar.